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HBase Vs Hive

HBase Vs Hive

Hive, It is an open source data warehouse which initially developed by Facebook for analysis and querying datasets but it is now under Apache software foundation. It is developed on top of Hadoop as its data warehouse framework for querying and analysis of data is stored in HDFS. It is useful for performing operations like data encapsulation, ad-hoc queries, & analysis of huge datasets. Hive’s design reflects its targeted use as a system for managing and querying structured data. HBase Vs Hive Features HBase Hive Data base model Wide Column store Relational DBMS Data Schema Schema- free With Schema SQL Support No Yes it uses HQL(Hive query language) Partition methods Sharding Sharding Consistency Level Immediate Consistency Eventual Consistency Secondary indexes No Yes Replication Methods Selectable replication factor Selectable replication factor

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