"Live Life and cherish it every minute", not as simple as it goes, isn't it? Life has moments filled with joy and moments which aren't that easy. These moments are associated with feelings. The more you are aligned with people, relations, situations and circumstances, the more you feel. And these feelings are not limited to any age, gender, caste or religion. Completely filled with feelings which arise from our thoughts, our so-called 'Master mind' is the key to "Live Life and cherish it every minute".

Aathmeeya is your special, non-judgmental friend who promises to give your personal space to express yourself, creating a comfort zone and putting you at ease. The more you express and talk, the more you will be at ease, the more you are at ease, the more you will find the ray of light, the light within yourself, for a new adventure, an adventure to live and cherish!!!

My mission and passion is to enable the potential of self-healing in individuals through my professional experience.

The moment once gone, is gone forever. It can never come back, but are we ready to explore the new horizons that life has kept in store for us? Certainly!! We could!!

Watsapp on 9845944170 or write to [email protected] for support. Easy or not, aathmeeya will support one to get there, "To live and cherish every minute".

Life Skills

If the ability to adapt to one's life to deal with the demands of everyday living is called a LIFE SKILL, then without any doubt, every individual has it. The only question is, are we noticing it?

Aathmeeya helps you to learn how beautiful it is to notice self-evolution and amplify its results for a positive impact on day to day events of life, in a fun filled way using innovative science experiments!!!


Everyone needs support, a shoulder, a place to understand and share all their emotions, visualize the same and arrive at their solution.

Whether you are an adult with a will to turn your frustrations into an amicable passing by cloud or an adolescent child trying to cope up with the fast changing world with its demands and expectations on you, or a child who is basically confused with small things , aathmeeya is just a call away !!!

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