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Atom for Web Developers

Atom for Web Developers

Atom comes with a number of features right out of the box. However, its true power comes from the package management system, allowing you to customize the editor to meet your specific development needs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Remember: The goal is to never take your hands off the keyboard!
  • Command Palette (CMD-SHIFT-P) – Opens the powerful Command Palette, where you can access all Atom commands and packages.
  • Hide/Show the Sidebar (CMD-KCMD-B) or (CMD-\) – Toggles the sidebar.
  • Comment Your Code (CMD-/) – Highlight the code you want to comment out, then comment it out. If you do not highlight anything, this command will comment out the current line.
  • Highlight an entire line (CMD-L)
  • Duplicate line (CMD-SHIFT-D)
  • Move line Up or Down (CMD-CTRL-Up/Down Arrow)
  • Multi-Edit (CMD-D) – Simply select the word you want to edit, and press CMD-D repeatedly until you have selected all the words you want to update. Go too far? Use CMD-U to unselect.
  • Change the language (CTRL-SHIFT-L)
  • Settings (CMD-,) – Opens the Settings menu where you can update settings, download and configure packages, and change themes.
Check out the Atom shortcut cheat sheet for more handy keyboard shortcuts.

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